Michigan International Lawyer

Michigan has become a prime spot for international business transactions because of its evolving business landscape and investment opportunities. Our world-class universities also draw an outstanding talent pool from overseas. Real estate and other investment markets are poised for significant growth, but only if business owners and managers take the right steps to secure those opportunities.

The attorneys at Petrella Law, in Southfield, Michigan, have handled international matters related to business law, including multinational litigation and arbitration, the organization of a U.S. subsidiary, and the purchase of real estate by a foreign entity. In addition, the firm has handled personal issues that have international consequences, like estate planning and probate.

Our team is devoted to helping clients not only to get the job done, but also to ensure that it is done right. We are a boutique law firm with large firm sophistication, which allows us to be more responsive and direct with our clients.

Meeting Your Needs and Pursuing Your Goals Across International Borders

Contact the international law attorneys at Petrella Law for complex international law advisory services. We work in collaboration with the client and a team of advisors, including foreign attorneys and international tax experts. We can help you with a wide range of general business and litigation needs, such as:

  • International real estate law (buying and selling residential or commercial property)
  • Estate planning, administration, and probate for international families
  • Drafting, reviewing, and modifying international contracts
  • Resolving and litigating contract disputes
  • Determining jurisdiction for legal transactions, contracts, and disputes
  • Contract disputes and litigation between foreign and domestic entities
  • Privacy issues regarding electronic storage and sharing of proprietary information across borders

Legal issues that cross international borders have more complex considerations related to taxation, immigration, asset transfer, and simply which legal entity takes jurisdiction over the issue. You need to make sure that the lawyer you choose to represent you has the skill necessary to handle your case effectively and efficiently through every stage of the process.

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